Youth shooting team holds turkey shoot fundraiser

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) A local youth shooting team learned gun safety, raised money, and had a blast at the Twin Falls Gun Club.

The Twin Falls Hot Shots youth shooting team held a turkey shoot Sunday where kids and parents shot guns and bought raffle tickets, all to support the teams cost for ammo, guns, and travel expenses. The team practices in three disciplines - trap, skeet, and shooting clays.

Hot Shots Coach Shane Blakeslee says they're open at the club on Thursday and Sunday and encourages those interested in participating to come by the gun club to ask some questions.

" We are teaching gun safety to these kids," Blakeslee said. "The utmost thing we want is how to handle a gun safely. The competitions everybody likes to win. They do get to compete and unlike other sports everyone gets to participate here."

The winner of Sunday's shoot gets to choose between a variety of meats for their grand prize including beef, turkey, or even pork. It's not too late to support the Hot Shots, however. Coach Blakelee says they'll be raffling off a beef over the course of next month.