Countdown begins for the Heyburn City Council tie

HEYBURN, Idaho ( KMVT/KSVT) - The Minidoka County Commissioners review the numbers for the Heyburn city councilman position, where they will determine the tiebreaker with a coin toss.

The countdown begins for the tie-breaking coin flip between incumbent Dick L. Galbraith and Glen Loveland.

On Monday morning the Minidoka County Board Commissioners canvassed the election.

“The board of commissioner review the numbers that were presented before them the numbers of vote cast for each candidate or levy and sign off on it,” Clerk of the District Court Tonya Page said.

The coin flip will take place during a special council meeting Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. in the Heyburn City Council Chambers at city hall, 941 18th St.

Page said that after the coin toss, the losing candidate can request a recount.

“Clerk of the city of Heyburn will minister a coin toss due to the tie and then the loser of the coin toss will be able to request a recount in which they will appeal to the attorney general. The attorney general will send an order down the and sheriff office will take possession of the ballots, and the counting machines and the state secretary of the attorney general will determine when we will have a recount,” Page said.

Candidate Glen Loveland said if the coin toss wasn’t in his favor, he wouldn’t request a recount.

“If it wasn't in my favor I would accept it, congratulate the gentleman who won and help it any way I can," Loveland continued. “One way or the other it wouldn’t affect me on being involved in the community or doing good to be done whatever is done.”

If the coin flip was in his favor, he said, “It will be interesting and it will be fun and it will be new, because of the different people you work with."

KMVT reached out to Dick L. Galbraith but received no response.

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