Woman searched for 57 days, quitting her job to find lost dog

KALISPELL, Mont. (KECI/CNN) - A woman’s visit to Montana took a turn when her family dog went missing.

Katie went missing after escaping from a hotel room. (Source: KECI/CNN)

Katie has been Carole King’s constant companion for seven years, but on July 20, Katie somehow escaped from the motel room.

“We came back after the car race, and I open up my motel door, and my dog was gone. I was devastated,” King said.

Katie was nowhere to be found.

“Oh, I can still feel it. I got a stomachache,” she said.

That set off a nearly two-month search for Katie.

Katie went missing from Kalispell, but she could have been anywhere. The first step to finding her was putting up flyers, more than 500 of them.

King quit her job in Washington to stay and search for Katie.

“You love your dog so much, and you just have hope. You know she’s out there searching for you. You can’t give up,” King said.

For 57 days, she posted flyers, knocked on doors, followed up leads, but King wasn’t alone.

“There were days I was just crying because I couldn’t find my dog, and then some stranger from Kalispell texted me saying hey, talking to me, encouraging words,” King said.

A call from a resident led King to a neighborhood where the dog had been spotted

“She was right there in the bushes. She ran out. I yelled her name, and she came right up to me,” King said.

After a hard 57 days, the two reunited.

Despite her travails, King said this place has a special place in her heart.

“(I) should use another word but amazing, but I just don’t know how to describe it,” she said.

Katie is 12 pounds lighter but still the same happy dog.

The two are returning to Washington state.

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