2 Strong 4 Bullies recap

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) As we approach the new year and school starts up again, the topic of bullying will still be at the forefront. In this week's 2 Strong 4 Bullies, we shed light on some stories we've covered so far.

A major deterrent in bullying is helping children find their voice.

"Because once they are able to say 'please don't do that' or 'you're being mean to me,' then they are able to become having healthy relationships with people," explained Rock Creek Elementary principal Shari Cowger. "That's what we want."

However, if an allegation is made, the school must investigate.

"We have to get every side of the story," Cowger said. "There's always two sides to the story."

But cyber bullying is one problem posing a challenge for administrators, since much of the interaction is done at home.

Darcie DeLeon, a school counselor for Robert Stuart Middle School explained, "when they get home they can't just leave their problem at home. It's almost worse sometimes at home because they aren't being monitored."

Bully prevention extends into the arena as well.

Twin Falls High School promotes the message of inclusion as the varsity girls basketball team's manager is autistic.

"During the home games and far away games, I record with her camera to get really good footage," said Regan Chambers, manager of the varsity girls basketball team.

She has helped the athletes gain a better understanding of their place in the school and world.

Bruins head coach Nancy Jones said, "she is loved by all these girls top to bottom, in this program and it's because she's real." "They're fierce protectors of Regan and I think she is of them too."

While Declo High School exercised good sportsmanship in a recent game against Filer, when they presented the Wildcats with warm-up shirts representing a fallen member of the team.

"We try to put ourselves in letting them we were feeling for them," boys basketball head coach Jacoby Fox.

Because as coaches, they're not just preparing their kids for games, but teaching them tolerance, a key component of anti-bullying practices.

"We are modeling a behavior because if we are trying to better citizens and quality members of society and teach them these foundations that we have to display that and hopefully they take things in life," Fox added.

As we team up with our sponsors, we will have several more stories on how we as a community can stop bullying.

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