Pickleball enthusiasts holding fundraiser for more courts

TWIN FALLS, Idaho ( KMVT / KSVT ) Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America and a fan favorite right here in Twin Falls.

With six courts at Frontier Field and more inside Pickleball Time (Soccer Time), area residents have plenty of opportunities to play.

But there's already potential for more courts, what's missing is funding.

It's so much fun, you can whack the ball, take out frustrations. Pickleball players range in all ages. Some play with spouses, other partner up with their grandparents.

The oldest is 87, she does a great job, we have a man that plays with one arm and it has helped so many people that may have got out of sports.

Walt Schlittenhardt just turned 80 and picked up the sport eight years ago. He along with a few other community member remember the tough times when they had to purchase nets and equipment.

"At first it was quite difficult, no one knew what the game was and we had to advertise and there were times where we couldn't get four people together o for a doubles game," explained Schittenhardt.

But last June, six new courts opened up at frontier park, made of post tension concrete.

The pickleball association of Twin Falls along with the city are planning for six more in the available space next door. That's when next month's tournament will serve as a point of funding for the courts.

We think it's very valuable, people come from all over to play pickleball and the game keeps Schlittenhardt young at heart.

Schlittenhardt said, "I wouldn't be in the shape I would be in if wasn't for pickleball."

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