4A all-conference volleyball team released

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The Great Basin Conference released its all-conference team and a local coach and player earn the top awards.

Kristyn Ruland of Wood River is the Coach of the Year after leading the Wolverines to a second place finish in the district tournament.

Burley's Makayla Tolman is the Player of the Year. She is signing with BYU on Wednesday.

First Team

Lexi Bull, 12 Century HS
Abby Christensen, 12, Century HS
Madison Wilkes, 12 Pocatello HS
Matti Whitehead, 11 Preston HS
Clair Hodge, 12 Twin Falls HS
Emily Vandenberg, 12 Wood River HS

Second Team

Mikayla Shirley, 12 Burley HS
Julia McNulty, 12 Century HS
Preslie Merrill, 11 Century HS
Calysta McCurdy, 12 Pocatello HS
Sariah Nilsen, 12 Wood River HS
Samantha Chambers, 9 Wood River HS

Third Team

Kelsie Pope, 11 Burley HS
Kaia King, 12 Burley HS
Lanie Elliot, 11 Canyon Ridge HS
Ashley Harris, 12 Century HS
Vanessa Peiffer, 12 Jerome HS
Mercedes Bell, 12 Jerome HS
Chyanna Meyers, 12 Jerome HS
Bailey Seamons, 12 Minico HS
Emmalyn Swenson, 12 Minico HS
Natalia Magallon, 12 Mountain Home HS
Aaliyah Murdoch, 12 Pocatello HS
Hailey Roubidoux, 12 Pocatello HS
Hannah Stephenson, 11 Preston HS
Hailey Winward, 11 Preston HS
Abie Keller, 12 Preston HS
Hailey Meek, 10 Preston HS
Brenley Hansen, 10 Twin Falls HS
Josie Conley, 12 Wood River HS
Willa Laski, 10 Wood River HS