Minico, Twin Falls take top Great Basin 10 honors

Image Source: Pixabay / MGN

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Minico's Kobe Matsen is the Pitcher of the Year after helping Minico take the No. 2 seed to the 4A state baseball tournament.

Magnum Hofstetter of Twin Falls is the Player of the Year and Bruins interim head coach Nolan Amundson took Coach of the Year honors.

Hoftstetter helped lead the Bruins to the 4A consolation title. Amundson also helped Twin Falls win the regular season and district titles.

Minico went 24-5, while Twin Falls finished the year at 23-6.

Pitcher Trei Hough 12 Pocatello
Catcher Tazyn Twiss 10 Minico
1st Base Jaden Marley 12 Pocatello
2nd Base Tai Walker 10 Twin Falls
3rd Base Colter May 12 Minico
SS Rylan Chandler 11 Minico
Outfield Avery Rambur 12 Canyon Ridge
Outfield Carson Walters 11 Twin Falls
Outfield Carson Schow 12 Minico
DH Chandler McKay 12 Minico
Utility Drake Rosas 12 Canyon Ridge

Pitcher Lucas Young 12 Twin Falls
Catcher Kody Condie 12 Burley
1st Base Sam Hoggarth 11 Twin Falls
2nd Base Matt Ybarra 12 Mountain Home
3rd Base Nate Maxfield 11 Canyon Ridge
SS Payton Cleaves 12 Pocatello
Outfield Chipper LaGrone 10 Canyon Ridge
Outfield Kage Southern 11 Mountain Home
Outfield Cole Roske 12 Century
DH Ramiro Garcia 11 Burley
Utility Jarom Wallace 11 Jerome

Pitcher Slayder Watterson 10 Burley
Catcher Casey Knaup 12 Canyon Ridge
1st Base Andy Klop 12 Twin Falls
2nd Base Blake Nelson 11 Wood River
3rd Base Cody Wells 12 Mountain Home
SS Skyler Warner 12 Century
Outfield Haylen Walker 11 Twin Falls
Outfield Jace Mahlke 9 Twin Falls
Outfield Nick McAdam 12 Pocatello
DH Isaiah Smith 11 Preston
Utility Scott Ritchie 11 Burley

Burley Carson Noble
Canyon Ridge Raleigh Aubart
Century Hudson Williams
Jerome Mason Rue
Minico Austin Meredith
Mountain Home Ryan Tindall
Pocatello Chase Aginauga
Preston Justin Inglet
Twin Falls Kaden Stutzman
Wood River Huck Sprong

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