AOTW: Carey and Declo football teams

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POCATELLO & MIDDLETON, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The Carey Panthers and Declo Hornets finished with perfect seasons. The Panthers finished at 12-0 and the Hornets finished 13-0 both hoisting blue state championship trophies.

"The seniors it's been really hard every year getting that green trophy and this year we get the blue one. So I believe it's definitely up to our seniors, they're such great leaders they gave us the momentum we needed and led us to state," said junior running back and linebacker Porter Mecham.

The main part of Carey's game plan was to capitalize on their speed and it worked in their favor.

"I feel like our speed can beat anybody, I am confident in our team it showed this year and I'm so proud of the guys of how it came out," said senior quarterback Houston Hennefer.

"Speed killed today and I thought we had them on their heels a lot of the game, we kept fighting and fighting. They believed the whole time which is amazing, that's half of the battle. They knew they could do it, no matter how big those dudes were," said Carey Head Coach Lane Kirklands.

This win marks Lane Kirklands fourth state title as head coach and the other two in program history belong to his father, Heber.

But the Declo Hornets now have three state championship titles.

"I feel terrific. I'm a very blessed coach to...the opportunity to coach such great kids that our Declo community has. They're a great bunch of coaches that are in it for all the right reasons. I love the kids, love the opportunity to be a high school football coach," said Declo Head Coach Kelly Kidd.

"All of these dudes, they're just my brothers. Doing it with them is just the greatest thing that I could have ever done. It's going to be a memory for me that's going to last a lifetime. And I'm grateful for that," said senior running back Garrett Darrington.

Post game when reminding junior quarterback Mckay Breshears that his team had just won the state championship, but they did so by 41 points he smiled with pride and chuckled at the thought of the Hornets dominance.

Last week Keegan Duncan told me that he hoped to leave a legacy and be remembered for what the teams he was a part of accomplished.

"All the younger generations looking at our team as well as the other teams of the past and say you know we want to do that. Hopefully we set a good example this season and I'm just really proud of my team, we've all worked hard and I'm grateful," Duncan said.

Declo finished their season at 13-0, with their first state title since 2013 and their third title in six seasons. The Hornets were also names 2A Academic State Champions.

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