All State games bring together camaraderie and competition

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Last year Burley High School hosted the All State game, but this year it moves to Canyon Ridge.

Athletes representing seventh and eighth grades, as well as high school graduates who played eight man football last fall, come together for an east versus west showcase.

Kids in the Treasure Valley represent one team and everyone else is on the other, including kids from northern Idaho.

They've spent this past week at CSI, staying and bonding with one another.

Conner Willis, a 5'11" defensive end from Filer is playing for Team Idaho. He's been enjoying the camp saying, "I got coached by some good coaches, learning some schemes and how to adapt to different things at this camp, like playing defensive end. I learned different techniques, I also changed positions, things like that."

Devon Del Toro, a 6'3" center from Gooding is also on Team Idaho. He added, "this game tomorrow morning, I'll we have to do is hit them in the mouth in the early game. Hopefully we don't lose our stride and keep going."

Coach Cameron Andersen said, "one of my favorite things at night is when we get the kids to bed is to just talk and talk about commonalities between coaches." "We've got coaches like Dave Young and Larry Nigro, guys that been doing this for so long, that I've looked up to for years. You can learn lessons and commonalities and win battles before they happen."

On the Treasure Valley seventh grade team, one last name might look familiar. Davis Harsin plays tight end and linebacker for Eagle Middle School.

Yes, he's the son of Boise State head football coach, Bryan Harsin, but he doesn't let that be a distraction.

Davis said, "I just want to show up and show them how good I am, not just that I'm Coach Harsin's son. I don't really let it affect me much, I just play football." "He just helps out with drills and stuff, he lets our coaches at Eagle take care of it. He just hangs out and watches."

Meanwhile, the eight man game brings together athletes for their final hurrah. Some will pursue their careers in college, while others have chosen a different path.

We spoke with Jake Pulsipher of Oakley who's going to Rocky Mountain to play football and study health and human performance.

Jason Hardy, a Valley graduate is attending the University of Idaho to major in biology. He plans to work with reptiles as a career choice.

And finally Gio Zavala plans to attend Idaho State University, where he plans to earn a degree in physical therapy.

On the first day the group shared their future plans and got a chance to chat off the field. Now it's about preparing for Team West, as the East fell to them last year, 36-22.

Hardy said, "it's just been fun to be around all these different guys, not guys you get brotherly team bonding with since you're on different teams." "When we're all here together playing for the one goal, having out to enjoy and have fun since it's my last game."

Pulsipher explained, "I didn't know how it was going to go cause obviously it's my first one since I didn't make it in eighth grade or whatever." "It's been good, getting other preferences and see how they run things. It's been cool to learn different ways."

Zavala added, "I'm super excited, it's a lot of fun practicing with all of these guys and fun to get on the game field with them. We've bonded pretty well. It's been a lot of fun."

Saturday's lineup begins with the seventh grade game at 9 a.m., followed by the eighth graders at 12 p.m. And the graduating seniors for the eight man ranks start at 3 p.m.

This year they're not charging admission, instead, asking that fans and parents buy a backpack to benefit foster kids in the state.