Boise State dropping wrestling to add baseball, former BSU wrestler disappointed over news

BOISE, Idaho ( KMVT / KSVT ) Boise State University announced Tuesday it's dropping wrestling and pursuing baseball.

The school says it's in order to better align its programs with the Mountain West Conference.

Baseball is the only Mountain West-sponsored sport not offered by Boise State and school officials believe it will increase the university's national reputation.

The news doesn't sit well with everyone, especially former athletes.

Canyon Ridge Assistant Wrestling Coach Chris Givens wrestled for the Broncos from 2007 to 2012.

Givens said, "wrestling in a sense is almost dying out, Portland State lost their program a few years ago, Oregon lost their program a few years ago. Now the only program left in Idaho is North Idaho, a junior college. I think it's hard for people that have this niche for it to be interested in. Giving kids to have the opportunities to do things, and be motivated to go to college. It helped me, motivated me to pursue education and play sports as well."

BSU Athletic Director Curt Apsey added this statement, "we will continue to honor the scholarships we provide our student-athletes, and will do all we can to help those who want to continue their collegiate wrestling careers elsewhere. Additionally, current coaches will be honored."

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