Boise State fans flock to watch Kellen Moore's first NFL start

BOISE, Id. ( KBOI ) Bars and restaurants across Idaho were packed with Bronco fans on Sunday.

Many are cheering for the Dallas Cowboys for the first time.

The Dallas Cowboys are based over a thousand miles away, but they've gained a new fan base in Boise.

"They are my most hated team. But now they have so many Broncos, its hard to hate them anymore!"

Former Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore started his first NFL game Sunday morning for Dallas becoming the first former Bronco to take the opening snap at the highest level.

Die–hard BSU fans flocked to local bars to cheer on the Boise State legend. Some of Moore's former teammates were there too.

Most people say they were impressed with how he played.

"He's making a lot of good passes, and it seems like the team is behind him, and I think he's doing a good job."

"I watched Kellen all throughout my college career, and it was fun to watch him play. And then to watch him where he's at now in the NFL, its really exciting."

"Others think his success shines a bright light on Boise.

"Everyone thinks of Idaho as a nowhere, no place. But Kellen Moore is now playing for the Cowboys. That makes us visible."

"We are very proud of him. We are very excited. We go a long ways back, we're good BSU football people, and we think the world of him. Hometown!"

But sticking with football, fans hope Moore's NFL pedigree convinces more recruits to come play for the Broncos.

"Kellen Moore is representing Boise State. I mean, there's kids in high school wanting to come to Boise State hopefully after watching a lot of these guys go professional."

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