Buhl Indians: Count down to kick-off preview

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BUHL, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Under second year varsity Head Coach Seth Blick the Indians of Buhl are focusing on continuous improvement.

In 2015, the Indians didn't win a game, in 2016 they went 3- 5, an improvement but there's room for more.

This year's team used the off season to physically and mentally prepare.

Hitting the weight room and Idaho’s football camp in June, the season can't start soon enough.

"Well I think that we are just ahead of the game as far as conception where we were last year. Getting the job at the last minute kind of put the coaching staff in a bind. Which I think this year we are a lot better prepared than we were last year and I think the kids are responding well to the new things we are putting in," Coach Blick said.

The Indians have worked hard in the off season, and heading into their final season the seniors on this team have bittersweet emotions, but are determined to lead and leave a legacy worth remembering.
"To me it's always about building the program and try to make it better for next year. If we don't do well this year, hopefully the guys next year can pick it up and keep building on that. You start with something small, eventually take little steps, then get bigger and bigger, and we're going to be the big team out there," Theron Christensen said.

There are no days off. The team is invested on sharing knowledge with one another to make the group as a whole better than they've previously been. Six days of the week are focused on getting better all leading up to the seventh day when you step on the gridiron.

“The 6:1 ratio, we are trying to make everyone on our team understand that you have to work to be successful. So we are really focusing on six days of work, whether you’re nursing injuries, taking care of yourself at home, or you’re on the practice field, you’re preparing for Thursday or Friday night. Whether you’re on the JV or Varsity.”

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