Buhl and Filer advance after close district wins; local roundup

TWIN FALLS COUNTY, Idaho ( KMVT / KSVT ) After not winning a single game last year, the Filer Wildcats have exceeded expectations and set new goals. The last time the Lady Wildcats beat Kimberly, February 12th, 2015.

Kimberly is back being the one seed, hosting the fourth seed Filer Monday night.

Filer increasing its lead to eight after this bucket by Ella Fischer, she had a team-high 15 points.

The Bulldogs stayed in this game by either getting to the free throw line or forcing turnovers, which they did quite a bit here in the fourth quarter.

But the Wildcats kept getting to the basket, with four minutes to go, Fischer helps increase the Filer lead to five, she's just a freshman, but playing like a senior.

Kimberly shot itself in the foot, shooting only 19% from the field.

The Bulldogs came back and made it a one possession game, but a little too late, as they fall 44-43.

We take you now to Buhl as the second-seeded Indians host the third-seed Gooding Senators.

Buhl started off quickly by forcing turnovers as Sage Eckert gets the steal and completes the play with a layup. A had a team-high 14 points.

Staying with Buhl, McKenna Lively goes inside to Madison Sommers who gets the bucket, Buhl up 4-0.

Gooding goes nearly four minutes without scoring until Grace Parker steals it and quickly goes down to the other end, she had a game-high 17 points, it's a two point game, as Caroline Vera's bucket comes up short, it bounces in front of Parker who runs the point and she sees Erika Anthony up ahead, we have a tie game.

Close one tonight as the Lady Indians prevail, 46-44.

They'll face the Wildcats at CSI Tuesday at 8 pm. The Senators take on the Bulldogs at 6:30.


Murtaugh 46, Castleford 26


Murtaugh 68, Castleford 35


Kimberly 12 W
Jerome 2

Highest bowler : Stephi Leazer 170

Canyon Ridge VS. Twin Falls

Boys TF 10 CR 2
High score: Wesley Stever CR 174
Jacob Hildreth TF 160

Girls CR 10 TF 2
High Scores: Savannah Stewart TF 148
Alyssa Gabert CR 139

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