Burley High School hires American Falls football coach

BURLEY, Idaho ( KMVT / KSVT ) Burley has a new head football coach as Jed Thomas stepped away from the duties.

American Falls coach Tony Cade took the job and already met with the players and parents.

Cade spent the past two seasons at the 3A school in Eastern Idaho, where the Beavers went 8-13.

One of the takeaways from that program, tripling the point output on offense, while defense was a "work in progress".

Groomed at the 4A and 5A level, Cade has been intrigued so he watched the coaching Cade takes over for Thomas, who's coached the Bobcats since his best season came in 2013, when Burley went 5-4.

Since then they've won four games in three seasons.

On Jed Thomas, Cade said, "I hear he did some great things, a lot of people said that."

As for his former school, "American Falls I will always be grateful for giving me a shot, great kids and people in the community. We went .500 our first year with only 32 kids, last year we had 55. We're anticipating about 72. It took a lot of work, going out to the middle school, getting involved with the younger teams and I think that's what missing at Burley, the depth and the numbers. when you watch them play a that 4A level, you almost have to have 3 teams so you can develop all your athletes from freshmen to senior year, but we also want to look at this as a fourth through 12th grade cohesive program."

Cade will teach social studies at the high school, while the school district hired his wife to teach third grade. Thomas remains an educator at Burley.

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