Burley looks to change culture in wrestling

BURLEY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) When it comes to wrestling, Burley is often in the shadows of more relevant programs in the immediate area, like Declo or Minico. But the program is trying to change that idea.

Burley hosted duals Wednesday night, with Buhl, Canyon Ridge and Jerome participating.

The Bobcats are battling the injury bug and five kids had to forfeit. Also, there is just not enough of them.

Burley does not field wrestlers in the lightest or heaviest weight classes.

The problem that Bobcats head coach Miles Bishop sees is the lack of legacy with Burley Wrestling versus other schools in the area.

"They recycle those same groups of kids, I only have two kids whose parents wrestled for Burley," Bishop explained. "You go to Minico or Declo, half of those kids, those parents wrestled."

For wrestler Jose Lemus, "wrestling is about dedication; you know if you want to prove to yourself if you're worth it." "And you can put all yourself into it without blaming your failure or successes on someone else, it's a good sport to do," he added.

Local wrestlers are gearing up for the Red Halverson Invitational next weekend at Minico High School.