Burley parts ways with football coach

BURLEY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Tony Cade will not be returning to the sidelines this fall as the Burley High School head football coach.

According to Cassia County School District spokeswoman Debbie Critchfield, she can't speak on the personnel matter, but confirms the position is open.

Cade was hired in April of 2017 and spent two seasons with the Bobcats. He went 2-7 his first year and then 3-6 last fall.

While the number of wins didn't stand out, his increase in participation did. When he arrived, 58 kids were part of the program, then by year two he along with the staff nearly doubled that number to 95.

Cade looks back at his time, as not only creating a foundation for Burley football, but helping the athletes in the youth leagues find success.

Cade explained, "just seeing success of kids and that's what we were able to do here at Burley. I saw a lot of great things, not necessarily translated into wins and losses on the field." He added, "we were able to have three teams for the first time in eight years at Burley, we had a lot more kids. We were able to quadruple the attendance of the weight room, set a foundation in there and expectation. I think it's going to move forward."

Cade and his wife both teach, so uprooting the family again will be difficult. His coaching career has spanned 13 years as an assistant and then five as a head coach.

"Life of a coach, you take the punches and roll with them no matter how low. You just have to go with it and that's the job I chose, I just love being around kids and education," Cade explained.

He has applied to several schools so far, including Filer.

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