CSI Men's Basketball using sensor technology to gain competitive edge

Published: Jun. 15, 2016 at 12:08 AM MDT
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A local physical therapy office is working with the College of Southern Idaho Men's Basketball team. CPR has adopted wearable sensor technology through DorsaVi.

Physical therapists are testing the players and on Tuesday the newest recruits, in ways they haven't been able to in the past, unless it was in a research lab.

CPR received this technology within the past year, looking at how the players control their knee via complex movements. The technology is based on data and research.

Doctors say it gives them a competitive edge and wants to use the technology on the other teams as well.

"What's exciting about this technology is that it's incredibly predictive of risk of injury so what we can do with the recruits is take a look at how they're functioning, identify any underlying issues that might be a factor like musculoskeletal disorders that need to be addressed and use the technology and data to help develop effective treatment programs," explained Dr. Tracy Ervin, physical therapist for CPR.

This is the same technology used by the Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Browns, New Orleans Saints and Toronto Reds.