CSI coach continues to train for Olympic Trials

Published: Jul. 11, 2019 at 10:19 PM MDT
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A College of Southern Idaho coach is just seven months away from competing in the Olympic Trials.

Lindsey Anderson qualified because of her time at the Chicago Marathon last October. Now with her second marathon under her belt, she's preparing to go back to the Windy City, where it all began.

"You're always training to handle pain, in the marathon, it's training to handle it for a long amount of time."

Anderson is training for the 2019 Chicago Marathon, the race marks one of the six world marathon majors.

"It's kind of my next big test to see where we are on time."

Last year she finished with a time of 2:36:51, the 12th fastest time for a woman, giving her an "A" qualifying time for the Olympic Trials. Then four months ago, she took sixth in the LA Marathon, the first female American to cross and dropped her time by two minutes.

Mind you, these are the only two marathons she's ever done.

She said, "the training is very different for when you're training for 26.2 miles, versus 5K's or the steeplechase what I did 10 years ago."

Anderson ran for Weber State from 2003 to 2007, a two-time All American in the 3000M steeplechase and indoor 5000M. In 2008, she finished second at the Olympic Trials to qualify for the Olympics in Beijing.

"The coach that I am working with now, Paul Pilkington was my college coach, junior year, I was really able to progress and get really fast under his coaching style," she claimed.

But life has changed for this working mom.

She added, "when it was that point in my life, I was in my early 20's, we didn't have kids yet. I was married, I was done with school and training was my 100% focus."

While her husband Mark is the true constant tying these Olympic Trials together, her kids, whether biologically, or CSI student athletes have become her true source of inspiration.

Anderson said, "going into this training to train for a marathon, my end goal at least for now was to qualify for an Olympic Trials and go race there, especially so my kids could go watch me at a Trials since they weren't around the first time."

12 years later she hopes to represent Team USA, again.

The Olympic Marathon Trials are slated for February 29, 2020 at the


According to

, 336 women have qualified for the trials, but only 65 have achieved an "A" standard time, which includes Anderson.

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