CSI volleyball camp draws large numbers

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The reigning national champion CSI Volleyball program is busy holding various camps this summer. Monday marks the start of middle school individual camp.

Coach Jim Cartisser was shocked at the turnout, considering 20 non-registered girls appeared Monday morning, bringing the total to around 70 players.

Members of next year's team are helping coach, including local talent Brooklyn Weston, Kylie Baumert and Taylor Burnham.

For the college players, they're focused on instilling a passion of the sport in the girls. After all, for some, they're giving volleyball a try for the first time.

Freshman CSI setter Grace Nelson said, "I hope it's never give up on a ball because that's what we see a lot of kids doing, they're just scared, 'oh no, what if I do this?'" "My goal is to see all these kids running around, flying around, diving, getting on the ground."

Freshman CSI middle blocker Brooklyn Weston added, "teaching them the right techniques, so they know they can be strong. Even though they are in what sixth, seventh, eighth grade?"

This camp runs through Wednesday. Then starting Thursday through Saturday, the school hosts team camp, followed by "Back to School" volleyball high school camp August 8-10.

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