Canyon Ridge, Jerome take top Great Basin West pod honors

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Some of you die-hard football fans have been wanting to know who earned the top awards for the Great Basin Conference.

Athletic directors and coaches waited until all of the participating teams held their banquets to make the announcements.

The following list represents the honorees from the West pod:

Defensive Player of the Year: Louie Cresto of Canyon Ridge. The senior had 70 total tackles, 34 solo tackles, 11 sacks, 13 tackles for a loss, two forced fumbles and one fumble recovery.

Coach of the Year: Sid Gambles of Jerome. He has earned this award for the first time.

Offensive Player of the Year: Garrett Elison of Jerome. After racking up 70 receptions for 878 yards, and 13 touchdowns, it makes sense why the senior received this honor. He also rushed for 326 yards to go along with one kick off return for a touchdown.

Return Specialist: Andrew Nelson, WR
Place kicker: Gabe Anderson, JER
Punter: River Osen, CR

First Team Running Back:
Sebastian "Bam" Kondracki, 12 CR
Kolh Proffit, 11 MH
Second Team Running Back:
Jarod Perry, 12 TF

First Team Quarterback:
Dalan Thompson, 11 JER
Second Team Quarterback:
Nick Swensen, 11 TF

First team Wide Receiver:
Jace Mahlke, 10 TF
River Osen, 12 CR
Jaden Abrego, 11 MH
Shayler Bingham, 11 JER
Second team Wide Receiver:
Ethan Shoemaker, 11 WR
Iradukunda Emory 11 TF
Houston Jones 12 TF
Carson Sainsbury 10 CR

First Team Offensive Linemen:
Dylan Quigley, 12 TF
Nate Maxfield, 12 CR
Jon Tellez, 12 JER
Gunnar Clark , 10 MH
Johnny Servin 12 WR
Second Team Offensive Linemen:
Skeet Newton, 10 TF
Isaac Peters, Sr JER
Brendon Cox,12 WR
Carter Christensen, 12 TF
Easton Haldeman,11 MH

First Team Inside Backer:
Jarod Perry, 12 TF
JW James, 11 JER
Secdond Team Inside Backer:
Johnny Servin, 12 WR

First Team Outside Backer:
Sam Hoggarth, 12 TF
Luis Castillo, 11 MH
Second Team Outside Backer:
Sebastian "Bam" Kondracki, 12 CR
Gabe Schutz, 12 JER

First Team Defensive Linemen:
Andrue Klop, 12 TF
Isaac Peters, Sr JER
Joe Stevenson, Jr JER
Kohl Proffit, 11 MH
Second Team Defensive Linemen:
Brendon Cox, 12 WR
Marcus Garcia ,11 TF
Carter Christensen, 12 TF
Jett Perez 11 CR

First Team Defensive Back:
Andrew Nelson 12 WR
River Osen, 12 CR
Jeffrey Ledezma, 12 JER
Jaden Abrego, 11 MH
Second Team Defensive Back:
Carson Sainsbury CR
Stockton Lott, Sr JER
Garrett Elison, Sr JER
Shayler Bingham, Jr JER

Honorable Mention:

Elijah Ibarra, 12 OL CR
Christian Ceballos, 12 OL CR
Braden Clark, 10 ILB CR
Weston Casdorph, 12 DL CR
Andy Shaw, 11 OL CR
Sam Mark, 12 DB CR
Brody Osen, 11 QB CR
JJ Juarez, 12 ILB CR
Spenser Newlan, Sr OL JER
Ty Taylor, Sr OL JER
Blake Poulsen, Jr ILB JER
Jayden McIntyre, Jr OLB JER
Kyle Craig, Jr DL JER
Ryke Wilso, 12 DL JER
Braeden Pool, 12 ILB MH
Luke Moon, 10 DB TF
Mason Swafford, 11 LB TF
Caleb Shephard, 11 TE TF
Ryker Anderson, 12 WR TF
Conner May, 12 WR WR

JJ Juarez , CR
Jarom Wallace, JER
Cody Kollat, MH
Matt Meyers, WR
Luke Moon, TF