Carey wins by 20 and heads to the State Championship

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POCATELLO, Idaho (KIDK) How about a little 8 man football, Carey faced Deary in the 1AD2 semifinals Saturday in Holt Arena.

A high scoring game on the horizon, first quarter, it's 14-6 Panthers up, Mustangs driving, the hand off to Parker Johnston, a straight shot and he scores, they trail by 2, the 2 point conversion, Jalen Kirk hurdles into the end zone tie game at 14.

Onto the 2nd quarter, Houston Hennefer has got the ball for the Panthers, he's over the line its 26-14.

Mustangs on the drive, Dallin Park causes a fumble on the play, Hayden Wayment has got it for the Panthers.

Next play, Carey capitalizing on the turnover, Hilario Ruiz untouched, he's in for the score, with a good 2 point conversion by Porter Mecham, it's 34-14.

Deary will score again but the Panthers couldn't be stopped, they head to the state championship game next week with this win over the Mustangs 48-28.