Clark won't return as CSI Softball's assistant coach

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Cortney Clark is no longer with the CSI Softball program. The longtime assistant coach told KMVT Sports that the college didn't give her a chance to return for next year.

In eight years at CSI, Clark helped the team make the national tournament in 2014 and 2018. Her favorite memory came last year, when CSI knocked off Salt Lake in the Region 18 tournament and everyone dog-piled on the field. The Golden Eagles then ended up finishing seventh in the nation.

"She and Nick had a lot of good years together as the face of CSI softball," explained CSI athletic director Joel Bate. "She was a major part of our success these past eight years."

Now Clark has turned her focus towards a new business she and her husband Heath have started called the Sweet Spot.

The purpose is to give athletes a chance to play and train year-round in an indoor facility.

Bate said that Clark left to pursue that business opportunity.

"We wish her well in this venture and we will be supporting her business by pointing those with need to her direction," Bate added.

But Clark disagrees with the reasoning for her departure.

"This was not the reason I left, this was more when I talked about this in January, it was more hey what can I do to help CSI and our program through the winter and stuff because we have a hard time in the winter finding places to go," Clark said.

"At the end of the day it's sad and disappointing how things were handled at the end, I'm not afraid to say that," she exclaimed. "I was willing to continue on and continue coaching there, but that opportunity wasn't there for me unfortunately."

Clark estimates the Sweet Spot will open its doors on Monday. The business is located 2336 Eldridge Avenue in Twin Falls. You can call them at (208) 650-6073.

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