Coach Kidd calls 2018 Declo Hornets the best team he's ever coached

POCATELLO, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Declo Football culminated a perfect season with Friday night's 41-24 win over North Fremont. It's a bittersweet ending for the seniors, including Keegan Duncan, McKay Breshears and Tyson Matthews who've been playing the game since they were little kids.

Now after back to back state championships, it's time to look ahead to the future.

With every touchdown, every shining moment, leaves a lasting memory in the lives of the senior class.

Quarterback McKay Breshears said, "every year we start in the summer, we just keep grinding it out, put work in the weight room and then early mornings and it's paying off."

The time winding down on the clock, reflective of their time at Declo.

Running back Keegan Duncan added, "we had a great team last year, but that was the seniors last year's championship. We were still a big part of the team." "We wanted our own this year. Our coaches said this isn't your guys championship, you gotta get your own next year, to go back to back is pretty cool."

Mckay Breshears will play baseball in the spring, but if he commits to one sport in college, it would be.

"Football a little bit more."

Keegan Duncan already committed to the Boise State Football program. Despite Bronco fans watching his every move and looking forward to his 50 plus yard touchdown runs, he's not joining the team until after the school year.

Duncan explained, "I really want to enjoy my senior year with my friends and family." "And be here while I can. I'm only two hours away, me and my coaches talk a lot so."

And then there's Kelly Kidd. He has coached the Hornets for 23 years (32 years overall in the coaching field), you can't picture the recent success without him patrolling the sidelines. But there's a possibility he won't be back.

Kidd explained, "I'll take some time, my intention was going to be the end." "You coach kids and you grow to love them, it becomes more difficult to walk away from them. I will spend some time, I will get on my knees and I'll decide where i need to be and what I need to be doing."

Duncan exclaimed, "whatever he decides to do, it's his choice and I'm grateful he stayed for us."

Declo hasn't lost since 2016. They challenged themselves with the top 3A opponents the state had to offer, including Sugar-Salem who played for the state championship on Saturday (and they won, beating previously undefeated Homedale).

Kidd said, "this is the best team I've ever coached."

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