Declo Hornets still perfect and undefeated

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DECLO, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The Declo Hornets have been on a tear and half way through the season are still undefeated.

Proving their dominance at the half the Hornets lead the Orofino Maniacs 42-6.

Coming out of the half with the starters still in the game, for now-the Hornets pushed the ball down the field thanks to runs from Keegan Duncan to add to the score board. The junior diverting defensive men to get the hornets to the red zone.

On the pass McKay Breshears will drop back to find Nathan Duke. Duke is able to keep hold of the football up the sideline, push through the defenders and just get the ball across the goal line for six.

Maniac defenders not happy about the call but the score board clicks up 48-6.

The Hornets rushed 39 times for 462 yards by the end of the game.

After pulling starters the Maniacs still were not able to capitalize but the Hornets were as they took this one with a final of 55-6.

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