Declo Boys Basketball hands Valley first loss; local sports roundup

HAZELTON, Idaho ( KMVT / KSVT ) Declo Boys Basketball took its undefeated record to Valley Tuesday night, the Vikings have played twice as many games, but also maintain perfection on the year.

Can the Hornets take down the second-ranked IA DI team in Idaho? Let's go to Hazelton.

Declo up three, Garrett Darirngton looking to add to the lead, but there for the block, Miguel Farfan.

Second quarter, Valley's ball, Ben Christensen fakes out Tanner Schroeder and gets the jumper, he had a game-high 19 points. It's 13-12 Declo, fans loving it.

When big man Keegan Duncan went out with foul trouble, Valley looked to take advantage, as Alex Korom works the baseline, it's a one point game in favor of Valley.

But then Declo's Trey Smyer took over the second quarter, he helped Declo take a four point lead at halftime and posted a team-high 18 points.

As advertised it was a great game, Declo comes out on top with the 57-53 victory over Valley in overtime.

Kimberly 47, Gooding 44

Buhl 79, American Falls 53: (INDIANS: Jaxton Tews 18, Adam Lauda 15, Garrett Bowman 14, Jade Juker 11 BEAVERS: Jaxon Kress 15, Preston Putnam 11)

Murtaugh 78, Richfield 46

Jackpot 56, Hansen 47


Buhl (BUHL) 46.00 Kimberly (KIMB) 31.00

152: Michael Coy (KIMB) over Ruben Vera (BUHL) (Fall 0:49) 160: Alan Palmer (KIMB) over Trieg Christensen (BUHL) (Fall 2:54) 170: Jake Hardy (KIMB) over Anibal Barragan (BUHL) (Dec 7-4) 182: Theron Christensen (BUHL) over Hunter O`Berg (KIMB) (MD 13-2) 195: AJ Dominquez (BUHL) over Kaden Buhler (KIMB) (Dec 6-3) 220: Edgar Gonzalez (BUHL) over Eric Cisneros (KIMB) (Fall 2:44) 285: Tito Garcia (KIMB) over (BUHL) (For.) 98: Chance Bennett (BUHL) over Brogan Leckenby (KIMB) (Fall 6:45) 106: Devin Rowland (BUHL) over (KIMB) (For.) 113: Eric Gutierrez (BUHL) over (KIMB) (For.) 120: Slade Peyman (BUHL) over Jonah Bacon (KIMB) (Dec 8-4) 126: David Tennant (BUHL) over Hunter Demerly (KIMB) (Fall 3:29) 132: Riley Hallett (KIMB) over Adam Mings (BUHL) (MD 13-1) 138: David Razo (BUHL) over Julian Rocha (KIMB) (Fall 5:15) 145: Carson Schvaneveldt (KIMB) over Jace Anderson (BUHL) (Fall 0:38)

Buhl (BUHL) 64.00 Filer (FILE) 24.00

160: Brodie Winson (BUHL) over (FILE) (For.) 170: Anibal Barragan (BUHL) over (FILE) (For.) 182: Samuel Sullivan (BUHL) over (FILE) (For.) 195: Fabian Barragan (BUHL) over (FILE) (For.) 220: AJ Dominquez (BUHL) over Andrew Kalbfleish (FILE) (MD 16-3) 285: Skyler Borrayo (FILE) over (BUHL) (For.) 98: Chance Bennett (BUHL) over Dakota Graham (FILE) (Fall 3:57) 106: Devin Rowland (BUHL) over (FILE) (For.) 113: Blaine Wiggins (FILE) over Eric Gutierrez (BUHL) (Fall 5:33) 120: Slade Peyman (BUHL) over Edward Pastoor (FILE) (Fall 1:51) 126: David Tennant (BUHL) over Matthew Bell (FILE) (Fall 1:07) 132: Wesley Kliegl (BUHL) over (FILE) (For.) 138: Tom Henderhan (FILE) over David Razo (BUHL) (Fall 2:15) 145: Austin Graham (FILE) over Jace Anderson (BUHL) (Fall 0:58) 152: Ruben Vera (BUHL) over Taylor Cobabe (FILE) (Fall 4:29)

Kimberly (KIMB) 54.00 Filer (FILE) 30.00

170: Jake Hardy (KIMB) over (FILE) (For.) 182: Hunter O`Berg (KIMB) over (FILE) (For.) 195: Kaden Buhler (KIMB) over (FILE) (For.) 220: Andrew Kalbfleish (FILE) over Eric Cisneros (KIMB) (Fall 0:58) 285: Skyler Borrayo (FILE) over Tito Garcia (KIMB) (Fall 2:52) 98: Dakota Graham (FILE) over Brogan Leckenby (KIMB) (Fall 4:43) 106: Double Forfeit 113: Blaine Wiggins (FILE) over (KIMB) (For.) 120: Edward Pastoor (FILE) over Jonah Bacon (KIMB) (Fall 2:28) 126: Hunter Demerly (KIMB) over Matthew Bell (FILE) (Fall 2:37) 132: Julian Rocha (KIMB) over (FILE) (For.) 138: Riley Hallett (KIMB) over Tom Henderhan (FILE) (Fall 4:33) 145: Carson Schvaneveldt (KIMB) over Austin Graham (FILE) (Fall 1:37) 152: Michael Coy (KIMB) over Taylor Cobabe (FILE) (Fall 1:34) 160: Alan Palmer (KIMB) over (FILE) (For.)

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