Dietrich Basketball star survives deadly infection

DIETRICH, Idaho ( KMVT / KSVT ) Slade Dill is your typical 6'7" athlete. He's been a key part of the Dietrich Boys Basketball team for most of his high school career, leading them to the 2016 state championship.

But four years ago, what seemed to be normal injury on the playground nearly killed him.

The senior post is one of the biggest threats for Dietrich. You couldn't tell he's had seven surgeries and 500 stitches.

In eighth grade, Dill fell and skinned his knee on gravel. After a couple of days and the pain and swelling was so immense, Slade couldn't walk.

His father Wayne Dill said, "and his body cavity swelled to twice its size. He had four inches of swelling around his waist."

He went to North Canyon Medical Center and then to St. Luke's Magic Valley. Dr. Mark Wright prompted to do the cat scan, within 30 minutes dill was life-flighted to Salt Lake City.

Slade said, "when we were done with the cat scan, I had necrotizing fasciitis, it's a deadly flesh eating bacteria and eats through your muscles."

All because of one little scrape, no one believed he would survive.

"Most anybody who gets this disease, gets amputated. the doctor didn't amputate my leg because it was into my abdomen already so they didn't' think I would survive," said Wayne.

Slade added, "I'm the first person to survive without getting a limb amputated."

"The doctor made the remark that he's a lucky man and he's a lucky doctor. He got to be on the winning side of one of those. There hasn't been any lingering effects, we're just very fortunate," Wayne exclaimed.

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