Fans already being tossed in a young basketball season

Published: Nov. 14, 2019 at 11:07 PM MST
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As basketball season get underway, we hone in on a nationwide issue, referee retention.

According to District IV basketball commissioner Randy Winn, there's already a major problem facing the middle school level here in Idaho.

In just two weeks and approximately 30 games, they've already tossed out multiple fans and issued technicals to coaches.

Winn's in charge of assigning officials to 13 of these local middle schools and 31 high schools.

He's had more problems at the younger level than all of the recent high school season.

If someone is tossed for poor behavior, that is their lone warning of the season, a second time will result in the loss of working officials; meaning, the school will be responsible for finding their own.

Winn told us he's worked hard to recruit young referees who are trying to get their feet wet in this industry.

"If a call didn't go your way and you're mad about, I've been doing this for too many years at too many levels, I can watch film and guarantee there are two or three calls in that game that went in your favor that shouldn't of. It always washes out," Winn explained. "There's got to be some understanding that this is a training ground and we're trying to teach people at that level how to referee."

Meanwhile, the high school girls basketball season starts on Friday.

The Idaho High School Activities Association provides a list of penalties for the older level games on their website.

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