Fans and players elated over new blue turf

BOISE, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Football season is nearly three months away, but Boise State is getting fans pumped for the season, by unveiling the latest edition of The Blue.

Boise State is already famous for its blue turf, but the university took it further, with a more royal blue color and standout logos.

The school held an open house for the Bronco Athletic Association, season ticket holders and fans. The community could visit with the coaches, players, cheerleaders and Buster Bronco himself.

The turf actually extends further out and covers what used to be the track, so it's blue turf wherever you go.

Season ticket holder Jason Jungling said, “it's blue, it is blue!”

Khalil Shakir, a sophomore wide receiver added, “it's bright and amazing!

Jungling explained, “it makes the other stuff look sun faded, really in comparison, when they did the deal on Facebook and you can see the comparison of the two.”

Events like these also provide opportunities for the athletes like Khalil Shakir to visit with young fans. The sophomore wide receiver knows how much these kids appreciate playing catch with one of these heroes.

Kids could also test their strength and by the looks of it, these guys might end up being future Broncos!

“We love doing stuff like this, we love it, whenever we get a chance to talk to the fans that actually support us, who love us, it's great, we try to get out here as much as we can,” Shakir added.

Meanwhile, fans lined up to purchase square foot sections of the old turf. By 6:45, they sold several garbage bins worth and expected all 500 to go Wednesday night.

According to assistant athletic director Joe Nickell, they could get more in the near future and proceeds benefit scholarships.

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