Filer can't pull off road win at American Falls

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AMERICAN FALLS, Idaho (KIDK) Over to American Falls, it's the Filer Wildcats taking on the Beavers.

First quarter, American Falls up 7–0, Filer's Garrett Jardine tries to throw but the pass is blocked by Andy Fernandez.

Sticking with strong defense, just two plays later, Jardine looks long and the pass is intercepted by Jaxon Kress, the ball belongs to the Beavers.

Ensuing drive, Beaver's with the reverse to Beau Beck, he's brought down around the four yard line.

Setting up this play, Jose Cervantes has the ball and he finds his way into the end zone, beavers up 13–0.

The beavers get their first win of the year, 22–16.

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