Filer sisters make BSU Cheer team

FILER, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) If you attend a Boise State game this fall, don't be surprised if you see a set of sisters cheering down on the field.

BSU just announced the 2020-2021 spirit squad and Jailyn and Kori Gartner made this year's team.

Jailyn is a Class of 2018 graduate of Filer, while her little sister Kori will graduate this month.

The news broke Tuesday that the girls made it and even though Jailyn is a two-year member, returners have to try out.

The virtual tryout involved several rounds, paperwork, videos and finally an interview with the head coach.

Kori is ready to learn, while Jailyn is preparing to mentor her little sister and the other newcomers to the squad.

Kori said, "I've been working really hard and I've been going to the clinics, I think that helped a lot. So it was kind of a surprise, but I worked hard for it."

"The beginning of the season is probably the best time cause that's when football starts, the first time on the field is amazing, the you see the stands and they're all filled up, it's just that big excitement, you get so involved with the community, it's such a blast, so much fun," Jailyn added.

Also making the cheer team from the valley, Chanel Chandler from Wendell and Hagerman's Billie Lynn McCarthy. The latter is already a two-year member of the team.

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