From first-timers to three-peats, local wrestlers bring home hardware in 3A ranks

NAMPA, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) A trio of high school wrestlers representing just as many schools in the valley, are state champions following this weekend in Nampa.

On paper it looked like a storybook finish, teammates from the same school competing in the 113 final, but on Saturday morning, Buhl's Julian Ruiz sprains his ankle. He would go up against mentor and two-time defending state champion, Kade Orr.

The junior felt bad about the freshman’s injury and eased up a bit en route to his third title.

Meanwhile, Campbell University commit, Broddey Cunningham of Kimberly going for his second consecutive championship.

He would have no problem against Cody Tilley of Sugar-Salem, winning via major decision in the 170 weight class.

With his retiring coach Troy Palmer watching, the senior battling an ailment himself.

And last but not least, Tayten Gillette, edging past Tate Benson of Snake River, who was at the top of the bracket.

The senator jubilant with his 8-5 decision in the 152 weight class, especially after losing last year.

Orr said, "he was pretty banged up, I didn't want to hurt him too bad, I didn't know what to do. He hurt himself, pretty much broken, I felt bad, but there's no other way to do it."

"I have got a torn acl, muscles need reconstructed, so surgery on Wednesday," Cunningham explained.

Gillette said, "losing last year really set the tone, I had to dig a little deeper each day, each tournament you know, it's just a grind, of just wanting it."

These wrestlers were three of the eight who won state for south central Idaho.


3A 113
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Kade Orr of Buhl
2nd Place - Julian Ruiz of Buhl
3rd Place - Tristen Brown of Sugar-Salem
4th Place - Dakota Eixenberger of Kellogg
5th Place - Easton Gardner of Snake River
6th Place - Brady Dahlke of Marsh Valley
1st Place Match
Kade Orr (Buhl) 43-1, Jr. over Julian Ruiz (Buhl) 41-11, Fr. (Fall 3:09)
3rd Place Match
Tristen Brown (Sugar-Salem) 59-12, So. over Dakota Eixenberger (Kellogg) 34-10, Jr. (Fall 2:23)
5th Place Match
Easton Gardner (Snake River) 35-16, Fr. over Brady Dahlke (Marsh Valley) 51-20, So. (Dec 4-2)
3A 120
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Brock Young of Marsh Valley
2nd Place - Ethan Guy of Kellogg
3rd Place - Brayden Anderson of Snake River
4th Place - Chance Bennett of Buhl
5th Place - Jonah Bacon of Kimberly
6th Place - Conor Marsh of Weiser
1st Place Match
Brock Young (Marsh Valley) 66-6, So. over Ethan Guy (Kellogg) 41-5, So. (Dec 10-6)
3rd Place Match
Brayden Anderson (Snake River) 38-18, Jr. over Chance Bennett (Buhl) 28-20, Jr. (Dec 10-5)
5th Place Match
Jonah Bacon (Kimberly) 46-12, Sr. over Conor Marsh (Weiser) 35-20, Sr. (MD 12-2)
3A 126
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Evan Barajas of Bonners Ferry
2nd Place - Kooper vonBrethorst of Weiser
3rd Place - Emilio Caldera of Snake River
4th Place - Jayce Bower of Buhl
5th Place - Tuffy Briggs of South Fremont
6th Place - Brayden Herbert of Timberlake
1st Place Match
Evan Barajas (Bonners Ferry) 45-7, Jr. over Kooper vonBrethorst (Weiser) 51-10, Jr. (Dec 4-3)
3rd Place Match
Emilio Caldera (Snake River) 50-12, So. over Jayce Bower (Buhl) 41-11, Fr. (Dec 9-4)
5th Place Match
Tuffy Briggs (South Fremont) 58-12, Fr. over Brayden Herbert (Timberlake) 42-16, Sr. (Fall 2:22)
3A 132
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Hunter Hobbs of South Fremont
2nd Place - Kayd Craig of Gooding
3rd Place - Isaiah Evans of Timberlake
4th Place - Ander Barbot of Weiser
5th Place - Tanner Hansen of American Falls
6th Place - Fernando Camacho of Parma
1st Place Match
Hunter Hobbs (South Fremont) 61-8, Fr. over Kayd Craig (Gooding) 56-5, Fr. (Fall 5:22)
3rd Place Match
Isaiah Evans (Timberlake) 42-7, Sr. over Ander Barbot (Weiser) 17-8, Sr. (Fall 1:59)
5th Place Match
Tanner Hansen (American Falls) 58-15, Jr. over Fernando Camacho (Parma) 33-12, So. (Dec 4-2)
3A 138
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Judson Hall of Kellogg
2nd Place - Beau Hackworth of South Fremont
3rd Place - Ethan Jerome of Timberlake
4th Place - Ryker Permann of American Falls
5th Place - Alan Jaramillo of Buhl
6th Place - Caedyn Martin of Marsh Valley
1st Place Match
Judson Hall (Kellogg) 38-5, Sr. over Beau Hackworth (South Fremont) 54-6, Sr. (Dec 5-1)
3rd Place Match
Ethan Jerome (Timberlake) 27-18, Sr. over Ryker Permann (American Falls) 26-5, So. (Dec 3-2)
5th Place Match
Alan Jaramillo (Buhl) 27-17, So. over Caedyn Martin (Marsh Valley) 35-12, Sr. (Dec 5-4)
3A 145
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Kyle Richardson of Snake River
2nd Place - Joseph Egusquiza of Homedale
3rd Place - Isac Avalos of American Falls
4th Place - Manuel Naccarato of Bonners Ferry
5th Place - Blake Garcia of Payette
6th Place - David Tennant of Buhl
1st Place Match
Kyle Richardson (Snake River) 51-3, Jr. over Joseph Egusquiza (Homedale) 26-8, Jr. (Dec 8-3)
3rd Place Match
Isac Avalos (American Falls) 48-20, Jr. over Manuel Naccarato (Bonners Ferry) 36-7, Sr. (Inj. 0:47)
5th Place Match
Blake Garcia (Payette) 25-14, Sr. over David Tennant (Buhl) 35-21, Sr. (Dec 9-3)
3A 152
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Tayten Gillette of Gooding
2nd Place - Tate Benson of Snake River
3rd Place - Dalton Lerwill of Teton
4th Place - Kyle Smith of Bonners Ferry
5th Place - Cesar Tavarez of South Fremont
6th Place - Lane Carter of Snake River
1st Place Match
Tayten Gillette (Gooding) 50-7, So. over Tate Benson (Snake River) 53-3, Sr. (Dec 8-5)
3rd Place Match
Dalton Lerwill (Teton) 36-9, Sr. over Kyle Smith (Bonners Ferry) 26-7, So. (Fall 2:30)
5th Place Match
Cesar Tavarez (South Fremont) 11-9, Sr. over Lane Carter (Snake River) 20-9, So. (Fall 1:55)
3A 160
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Caleb Miller of Timberlake
2nd Place - Eli Richards of Bonners Ferry
3rd Place - Tristan Olson of South Fremont
4th Place - Tegan Baumann of Gooding
5th Place - River Eddins of South Fremont
6th Place - Trace Mayo of Kimberly
1st Place Match
Caleb Miller (Timberlake) 45-8, Sr. over Eli Richards (Bonners Ferry) 39-10, So. (Dec 4-1)
3rd Place Match
Tristan Olson (South Fremont) 55-7, Sr. over Tegan Baumann (Gooding) 48-11, Sr. (Fall 3:30)
5th Place Match
River Eddins (South Fremont) 48-13, Jr. over Trace Mayo (Kimberly) 43-16, Jr. (Fall 4:12)
3A 170
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Broddey Cunningham of Kimberly
2nd Place - Cody Tillery of Sugar-Salem
3rd Place - James Billingsley of Timberlake
4th Place - Malachi Hoobery of Weiser
5th Place - Austin Stepro of Kellogg
6th Place - Andrew Adkins of American Falls
1st Place Match
Broddey Cunningham (Kimberly) 35-1, Sr. over Cody Tillery (Sugar-Salem) 54-11, Jr. (MD 12-0)
3rd Place Match
James Billingsley (Timberlake) 22-8, So. over Malachi Hoobery (Weiser) 44-16, So. (Dec 10-6)
5th Place Match
Austin Stepro (Kellogg) 34-17, Sr. over Andrew Adkins (American Falls) 46-15, Jr. (Fall 2:11)
3A 182
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Joey Follini of Timberlake
2nd Place - Browning Bennion of Sugar-Salem
3rd Place - Layne Murdock of Parma
4th Place - Owenn Meyer of Filer
5th Place - Carson Roberts of Sugar-Salem
6th Place - Justin Angell of South Fremont
1st Place Match
Joey Follini (Timberlake) 50-5, Sr. over Browning Bennion (Sugar-Salem) 69-6, Sr. (Dec 6-3)
3rd Place Match
Layne Murdock (Parma) 31-9, Sr. over Owenn Meyer (Filer) 39-22, Jr. (Dec 8-1)
5th Place Match
Carson Roberts (Sugar-Salem) 61-13, Sr. over Justin Angell (South Fremont) 37-22, Sr. (Dec 3-2)
3A 195
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Sawyer Hobbs of South Fremont
2nd Place - Rylee Willet of Weiser
3rd Place - Truxton Wilson of Priest River
4th Place - Andrew Sandelin-Macintosh of Bonners Ferry
5th Place - Kyler Dalling of Sugar-Salem
6th Place - Josh Yanez of Timberlake
1st Place Match
Sawyer Hobbs (South Fremont) 54-0, Sr. over Rylee Willet (Weiser) 48-10, So. (Fall 1:16)
3rd Place Match
Truxton Wilson (Priest River) 31-18, Sr. over Andrew Sandelin-Macintosh (Bonners Ferry) 34-8, So. (Fall 1:36)
5th Place Match
Kyler Dalling (Sugar-Salem) 62-11, Sr. over Josh Yanez (Timberlake) 39-12, Sr. (Fall 2:16)
3A 220
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Wyatt Kearn of American Falls
2nd Place - Greg Gissel of Fruitland
3rd Place - Jesse Lockett of Weiser
4th Place - Elijah Carter of Weiser
5th Place - Ray Knerr of Timberlake
6th Place - Elijah Williams of Gooding
1st Place Match
Wyatt Kearn (American Falls) 60-3, Sr. over Greg Gissel (Fruitland) 45-3, Jr. (TB-1 2-1)
3rd Place Match
Jesse Lockett (Weiser) 35-10, So. over Elijah Carter (Weiser) 47-18, Jr. (Fall 3:40)
5th Place Match
Ray Knerr (Timberlake) 13-5, Sr. over Elijah Williams (Gooding) 22-20, So. (Fall 1:54)
3A 285
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Kenneth Copley of Sugar-Salem
2nd Place - Ty Belnap of Snake River
3rd Place - Danny Camacho of Parma
4th Place - Josh Curzon of Snake River
5th Place - Bryan Popocatl of South Fremont
6th Place - Trevor Cady of Timberlake
1st Place Match
Kenneth Copley (Sugar-Salem) 67-0, Sr. over Ty Belnap (Snake River) 42-6, Sr. (Fall 1:17)
3rd Place Match
Danny Camacho (Parma) 31-7, Sr. over Josh Curzon (Snake River) 28-8, Fr. (Fall 0:47)
5th Place Match
Bryan Popocatl (South Fremont) 45-11, Sr. over Trevor Cady (Timberlake) 14-8, So. (Dec 7-3)
2A 98
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Hans Newby of Grace
2nd Place - Caleb Shaw of New Plymouth
3rd Place - Jared Rindlisbaker of North Gem
4th Place - Austin Machen of Ririe
5th Place - Zach Mills of Malad
6th Place - Keyan Boller of Clearwater Valley
1st Place Match
Hans Newby (Grace) 48-1, Fr. over Caleb Shaw (New Plymouth) 42-8, Fr. (Dec 4-0)
3rd Place Match
Jared Rindlisbaker (North Gem) 44-10, So. over Austin Machen (Ririe) 39-16, Fr. (Dec 3-2)
5th Place Match
Zach Mills (Malad) 43-23, Fr. over Keyan Boller (Clearwater Valley) 33-7, Fr. (Dec 6-3)

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