Glenns Ferry Baseball hopes to 'light the field' come spring

GLENNS FERRY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) "When we started this field had nothing but a construction fence, bases and we thought we were uptown."

Casey Martinez played for Glenns Ferry from 1994-97, now he's the head coach.

"And if you look around now, it's grown to what it is today with the help of so many people and the love of the game, the love of this field, it's just amazing," added Martinez.

Unlike other sports, Glenns Ferry competes in the Western Idaho Conference with Horseshoe Bend, Rimrock and Wilder. While they have intentions of winning the 2019 1A State Championship, they've purposely challenged themselves with scheduling 3A and 4A teams.

Martinez explained, "this year we thought it would be better to up our schedule and make it more competitive for our boys.

Glenns Ferry is hosting this year's state tournament, but they've never played with lights on their field.

"We've had the state tournament here in 2010, the 2A state tournament and we're hosting the 1A in May, but it stays light enough this time of the year," added assistant coach Dale Smith.

But for those March and early April games, the sun sets between 6:25 and 8, and if you don't have lighting, you can't finish the games.

Martinez said, "they're having to get out of school by 1:30, having lights we can move game times out so they don't have to miss school and we can move games."

They've secured a used lighting system, still the final cost to compete the project is around 30 thousand dollars and due to a lack of diagrams, crews have to be cautious of where to place the poles.

Smith added, "we've got businesses here in town that have helped us out, the city crew has been a big help over the years with the field as well as the Elmore County Highway District."

What started as a flicker, hopes to be a field of lights come March.

To help with this project, please contact Casey Martinez at (208) 590-2525.

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