Golf tournament gives significant contributions to children with cancer

Published: Jul. 15, 2016 at 11:09 PM MDT
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Darigold usually puts on golf tournaments that benefit numerous charities in the area.

One is quickly becoming a favorite. Boise's Got Faith.

Dozens of golfers converged at Clear Lake Country Club in Buhl on Friday.

Since 2010, the fundraiser usually raises $10,000 for different charities, but when Boise's Got Faith is involved, they're looking at between $20,000-22,000.

The organization focuses on finding children who are fighting cancer, and be the emotional and financial support they need.

A little girl named Faith is why Boise's Got Faith started, as her uncle founded the cause.

On Friday we caught up with Eloise and Erik, Eloise is a three year–old battling is acute lymphoblastic leukemia. This family is benefiting from the organization's generosity.

"Everything is going according to plan right now, she is going to poke me in the cheek a lot evidently, right now we're doing nightly chemo at home and going in to do chemo over there and every eight weeks doing a spinal tap. I think the hardest part where she lost of her hair and we couldn't pretend she didn't have cancer," explained Erik Lawrence, Eloise's father.

Kirt Johnson, process control manager at Darigold added, "we are going to try and stick with Boise's Got Faith for future tournaments because every dollar that we donate to that charity goes directly to the kids, all the overhead is paid by another company, and it's such a great cause."

Eloise has low-risk ALL which means she has a 95% success rate with her treatment.



If you would like to help Eloise, please visit