Gooding Senators: Count down to kick-off 2017

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GOODING, ID (KMVT/KSVT) The Gooding Senators have had a state championship at their fingertips. The returners on this team remember it all too well. As a result they are determined this year to pick up the pieces and let nothing hold them back.

Last season the Gooding Senators football program went 7-5, falling in the state semi-final and taking third place.

Eighth year Head Coach, Cameron Andersen is returning a fair amount of experienced players, around 10 from the defense and six on offense.
Focusing too much on the past can make moving forward difficult, but looking too far in the future and having long term goals be at the front of a players mind is also undesirable.

"The one thing we really focused on was that last year was a humbling year for us. We felt, we feel like we have to work for everything that we get. And honestly these boys are really focused on winning the summer. That's what their goal was, just do everything they could to win the summer. I think they did a good job at that,” Andersen said.

As sophomores Ruger Jennings and Mike Needham were playing in the state championship game. Last year as juniors the senators came in third. With this season as their last it’s not about individuals-the entire team knows their potential and need to not let their minds get too far ahead of themselves.

"We've just been focusing on finishing out the summer. Focusing on just one week at a time and just not looking ahead too far. Just stay focused on week to week," said Jennings.

“We all want the same thing in the end. We want that blue trophy,” Needham added.

Instead this year the Senators are focusing on each week. Focusing first at the task at hand, and all those short term positives will assist in reaching the long term goals.

This team expects themselves to be elite and that calling can come from any rank no player is above another- which feeds into the same end goal; to win games.

“Two years ago we started seven sophomores and two freshmen in the state championship game. Last year we started seven more sophomores. There’s a bunch of dudes who want to prove who they are and what they’re about. They’re excited for the opportunity to step out and be experienced leaders,” Andersen said.

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