Gooding graduate creates charity for children

Published: May. 21, 2020 at 9:50 AM MDT
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A Gooding High School graduate and Idaho State Track athlete has created a charity for kids in need.

Keely Wolf is the founder of Legos for Littles. She hopes to take Legos that children aren't playing with anymore and donate them to children in foster care.

The idea came to her while she was on the tractor working on the family farm in Fairfield.

She was listening to the radio and heard a pastor talk about doing something positive during the pandemic and since her family is a big fan of the show, Lego Masters, this charity was a no-brainer.

Wolf said, "I have some Legos that I am sorting, but mainly I really need Legos donated so I can get this going. My charity relies on donations so I can get the kits together and instruction manuals too, so I can photocopy them and make the kits up for the kids."

If you have Legos you want to donate, please send them Keely at P.O. Box 433 Fairfield, ID 83327.