Gooding's lead slips away, Senators go two and out

MERIDIAN, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) At Mountain View, Gooding taking on Timberlake in their first game of the state tournament.

Grace Parker and the Senators got into the tournament via a tough play–in game against South Fremont, in which they won in five sets. They're hoping to play both days and not go home early.

Gooding up two sets to one, having problems in the fourth. After that kill, it's 13–6 Timberlake.

Senators down 16–13, set up the offense and Erika Anthony connects with Parker, credit the senior with the kill and she's all smiles after that one.

But then the Tigers start to create some distance and probably get hot at the wrong time for Gooding fans. They take the fourth and fifth sets...

Gooding then faced Homedale Friday afternoon, but fell to the Trojans, to go two and out at the tournament.

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