Great Basin All-Conference soccer teams

Published: Nov. 6, 2019 at 10:21 PM MST
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The state soccer championships are in the past and now the Great Basin Conference has released its all-conference teams.

The Magic Valley features two players of the year and one coach of the year.


Twin Falls' own Madison Bailey is the player of the year. She helped the Bruins to an undefeated record prior to state and an overall mark of 18-2-1.

The Utah State University Eastern commit finished this season with 21 goals, to go along with 19 assists. She has 90 total goals for her high school career.

Meanwhile, also making the first team from Twin Falls, Sidnee Naerebout, Kenedy Edwards, Madelyn McQueen and Paige Beem. From Jerome, we have Makali Nance. For Wood River, there is Tia Vontver.


Luis Martinez of the state runner-up Jerome Tigers is the player of the year.

Luis, who goes by the name of Benny, produced 17 goals and 14 assists this season.

Jerome head coach Jacob Wood says that Martinez has drawn interest from a number of different schools, but right now wants to find the right fit and where he's most comfortable.

Joining Martinez on the first team, Baldo Sandoval and Alfredo Ortiz from Jerome. For Canyon Ridge, we have Alimasi Jamari and Jose Tapia. For Twin Falls, the Bruins feature Sergio Varela, Guillermo Fregoso and Tairan Smith. For Wood River, there are Edgar Salamanca and Rafael Muniz.

The boys soccer coach of the year is Corey Farnsworth of Canyon ridge.

Seeded fifth going into the playoffs, the Riverhawks knocked off the four seed and the one seed on the road, in order to play for a district championship. They then advanced to the state tournament.

This marks Farnsworth's third career honor.

For the full list, check out the related information section of this page.


 Coach of the Year     SPORTSPERSON OF THE YEAR     
 Eric Davis Pocatello HS         
       Burley  Kyana Perez  
 Player of the Year     Canyon Ridge  Kimberly Castillo  
 Madison Bailey12Twin Falls HS   Century  Tasha Hughes  
       Jerome  Kristi Traughber  
 First Team     Mountain Home  Elizabeth Bearden  
 Erin Stanfill12Century HS   Pocatello  Gabby Madrid  
 Makali Nance12Jerome HS   Preston  Harli Hymas  
 Adi Spillet12Pocatello HS   Twin Falls  Aylah Strong  
 Gabby Madrid12Pocatello HS   Wood River  Grace Parke  
 Kylie Larsen11Preston HS         
 Addison Moser11Preston HS         
 Sidnee Naerebout12Twin Falls HS         
 Kenedy Edwards12Twin Falls HS         
 Madelyn McQueen10Twin Falls HS         
 Paige Beem11Twin Falls HS         
 Tia Vontver12Wood River HS         
 Second Team           
 Nicole Anderton12Burley HS         
 Zoey Bebe11Canyon Ridge HS         
 Sari Shutes10Century HS         
 Emma Edgley11Century HS         
 Esmeralda Cervantes11Jerome HS         
 Elizabeth Bearden12Mountain Home HS         
 Kasey Derrick11Mountain Home HS         
 Alexis Hubbard12Pocatello HS         
 Haylee Shawcroft12Pocatello HS         
 Quincy Hyde11Preston HS         
 Alexis Harris12Preston HS         
 Andie Bell10Preston HS         
 Sayler Peavey11Wood River HS         
 Third Team           
 Rachel Phillips10Century HS         
 Allison Horsley10Century HS         
 Olga Avalos-Fregoso11Jerome HS         
 Dylan DeLange11Mountain Home HS         
 Jaden Bennett12Mountain Home HS         
 Mercedes Pedroza11Mountain Home HS         
 Seanee Still10Pocatello HS         
 Daisy Buxton11Wood River HS         
 Kate Stone12Wood River HS         
 Zoe Bacca10Wood River HS         
4A GBC BOYS SOCCER            
2019 ALL-CONFERENCE TEAMS            
 Coach of the Year     SPORTSPERSON OF THE YEAR     
 Corey Farnsworth Canyon Ridge HS         
       Canyon Ridge  Ali Abdulhadi  
 Player of the Year     Century  Aidan Hofeldt  
 Luis Martinez12Jerome HS   Jerome  Jose Pulido  
       Mountain Home  Mason Essig  
 First Team     Pocatello  Austin Smith  
 Alimasi Jamari11Canyon Ridge HS   Preston  Kollin Wing  
 Jose Tapia12Canyon Ridge HS   Wood River  DJ Gralenski  
 Evan Yost11Century HS         
 Baldo Sandavol12Jerome HS         
 Alfredo Ortiz11Jerome HS         
 Garrett Kelley12Preston HS         
 Sergio Varela12Twin Falls HS         
 Guillermo Fregoso12Twin Falls HS         
 Tairan Smith12Twin Falls HS         
 Edgar Salamanca12Wood River HS         
 Rafael Muniz12Wood River HS         
 Second Team           
 Michael Delatorre11Canyon Ridge HS         
 Garrett Surmelis11Century HS         
 Shaun Abassi11Century HS         
 Kam Murdock11Century HS         
 Aidan Hofeldt12Century HS         
 Jose Pulido12Jerome HS         
 Steven Vega12Jerome HS         
 Milton Hernandez10Minico HS         
 Kadin Reese11Preston HS         
 J R Murrillo12Preston HS         
 Ryker Waters10Twin Falls HS         
 Third Team           
 Juan Magana11Burley HS         
 Alex Rivas12Burley HS         
 Eli Cook10Canyon Ridge HS         
 Michael Montanez11Century HS         
 Amari Evans12Century HS         
 Erick Camacho11Jerome HS         
 Mason Essig12Mountain Home HS         
 Danny Kissik12Mountain Home HS         
 Garrett Force12Pocatello HS         
 Ty Miller11Preston HS         
 Steven Thueson11Twin Falls HS         
 Alonzo Estrada12Wood River HS         

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