Great Basin Baseball Player of the Year signs with Lamar CC

RUPERT, Idaho ( KMVT / KSVT ) Minico graduate Drake Miller signed with Lamar Community College in Colorado. Miller earned the Great Basin Conference Baseball Player of the Year honors this spring.

He posted a 10–1 record with an ERA of 0.507, giving up a total of five earned runs in his 11 starts. He recorded a .465 batting average and had an on base percentage of .565, plus 31 RBI's.

Miller will play for newly hired head coach, Ben Buck. One of the biggest connections to the team is Jason Crosland who played for the Lopes, before being signed by the Phillies. Crosland helps with Minico's team when's he not working.

"Knowing from a young kid when Crosland was coaching, that he's had such great success out of that school and we've had plenty of kids coming out of that school," Miller explained.

Minico head baseball coach Jared Price said, "Lamar has a program they set in the fall and they want him to rest up for the next month, month in a half, which is understandable. We're excited about it, seeing what kind of jumps he makes."

The Spartans are no stranger to having players find success at the next level.

Price added, "we got a great group and great kids come through the program. Jaden had an awesome year at CSI and is going to Dixie. We got Tanner Harper who's coming back and headed to Dixie. Danny Freiburger had a great year at Corban. We got Alan and Blaise going on, we're excited for where our future is at."

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