HS Football Preview: Filer High School

FILER, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) In the off-season, Filer Football identified weaknesses from the 2017 campaign, as the Wildcats went 2–7. Now with more athletes turning out than in years past, they hope to be a contender in the conference.

Last year Filer looked sluggish early on and struggled to score.

"We were a second half team, our energy was real low in the first half. We come back and give a good effort in the second half, but not be able to pull it off sometimes," senior quarterback/free safety Garet Jardine explained.

Bryer Monson, a senior middle linebacker/tight end added, "we start off slow and second half everyone is started to get hyped up, but it's too late."

For Monson, it's a change of mindset. He hopes that all of his teammates are mentally prepared for the game, as soon as the alarm clock goes off.

"So we play on Fridays, but I feel like if you mentally prepare the whole day, which a lot of people don't, they go around and hang out with friends, instead they should prepare alone and get prepared for the first half."

Coach Robert Anderson is taking action as well.

"We're trying to revamp our pre-game, make it more upbeat, so the kids are feeling the game situation as they're coming out for kickoff," Anderson said.

The players also addressed how poor attitudes kept them from winning games.

Monson said, "we just got to keep our heads, that's the biggest thing." "They get in our heads, we get in theirs and it's just a dog fight plain and simple."

Anderson chimed in on what the coaching staff is trying to instill in the players, "focusing on discipline, focusing on playing in between he whistles, doing your job, doing it right, blocking hard, using the right technique."

Senior Skyler Borrayo tries to encourage his teammates.

Borrayo exclaimed, "I just tell them to keep their head, keep cool, nothing worse than losing a key player to penalties."

Filer hopes to stay focused as the Wildcats wrap up the regular season, playing their rival.

"I am really looking forward to playing Buhl, there's a lot of talk over there," Borrayo said.

Filer hosts North Fremont on Friday, August 24 to open the season. The Wildcats look to avenge that opening loss to the Huskies last year, when they fell 48–6.

Filer has been practicing in the early morning and late evening to avoid the heat.

Although the team takes regular water breaks, if an athlete requests an extra one, the coaching staff doesn't hesitate to send them. Coach Anderson encourages proper hydration and being proactive at home.

"There are a lot more precautions and things we have to be vigilant on looking at and looking for. And making sure kids are taking care of themselves the right way," Anderson explained.

According to Iowa State University, athletes should drink at least 16 ounces of water two to three hours before practice. Then drink eight ounces 10 to 15 minutes right beforehand.

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