HS Football Preview: Lighthouse Lions

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The Lighthouse Lions struggled with playing together as a team last season. The athletes know that dedication to the sport and one another will pay off greatly.

"Honestly we got to buy into coach's routine. He's so good with writing up all that stuff. If we buy in, we'll do really well," explained Karsten Brandsma.

Cooper Dastrup added, "the past few years we've been separate. But this year we've come together as a team and that will help us during the season."

The coaching staff will feature former players that won state titles, that alone gives the current players motivation.

Brandsma said, "they're really showing us how they walked the walk, talk the talk and I really think that will transfer over this year."

Lighthouse only features two seniors this year, but those players could have a major impact on the outcome of the season.

Head coach Cory Holloway said, "they're a big deal, both of them will be two-way starters, hopefully we can keep them healthy." "That's the name of the game in a small school football. We're all about one or two injuries away from changing your game plan and trying to figure it out."
Holloway added, "we experienced that last year with my son Connor."

Other programs in the conference struggle with numbers. While it's not as big of an issue at Lighthouse, the Lions make do.

Holloway said, "we don't have the luxury of having athletic kids come on Friday nights just to watch the game. So we do whatever we need to do to get the student body excited about playing."

For Brandon Butler, he said, "we like to spread word around school that we have a football team. We've been pretty good the past few years, and I think people want to be a part of this team."

"There's something different about playing football on Friday nights, when those lights come on in my opinion than a lot of other sports," Holloway said. "So as a kid and someone who gets to play that game, it's something that people enjoy."

Lighthouse hosts Hansen on Friday to open up the season.

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