Hansen honors fallen Murtaugh student during Senior Night

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HANSEN, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Spectators entering Friday’s gates were donating their admission to honor a Murtaugh high school senior who was recently killed.

"We are donating the proceeds tonight to Monsoradt Orozco’s family. She used to go to Hansen when she was in elementary and the beginning of high school,” said Hansen Athletic Director Jim Lasso. “She had a great relationship with our Principal Mrs. Kelly, it was her idea to donate the admissions to the family."

It was senior night for the huskies to accompany their last home game of the season.

"We've been working all season on gradually getting better and it's starting to peak.” said Hansen Head Coach Jim Rife. “I'm hoping with tonight being our last home game that it starts with tonight rolling forward for the rest of the season."

Murtaugh has a deep roster and talent to back it up.

"We've got 25 kids out here we're excited where we are going,” said Murtaugh Head Coach Todd Jensen. “We have a lot of younger kids playing all the way through our youth and junior high so it's exciting there's a lot of excitement about football."

When it came to game time the red devils got out to a hot start and didn't slow down the fast strong pace, they lead 22 to zero after the first quarter.

The Huskies would avoid the shutout and add two touchdowns before halftime, but still trailed heading into the locker room 46-14.

The plays of the first half for both teams.

For Hansen, quarterback Paxton Stimpson with the long ball through the air to Ramon Huerta-Sanchez who races past his coverage and into the end zone.

For Murtaugh towards the end of the second quarter Stimpson being rushed out the pocket and has the ball knocked up and out of his hands and into the arms of Hunter Andersen who runs it back down the field for a touchdown.

Red Devils take the win 67-21 and inch closer to the top of the 1A-D2 standings chasing Lighthouse.

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