Hundreds pay respect to Filer softball player after losing battle to cancer

FILER, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Mia Trease's life might have been cut short due to cancer, but she managed to live it to the fullest. Saturday marked her funeral and the Big Bad Mia Army filled the Filer High School gymnasium to lend their support.

Speaker Tracey Meyerhoeffer said, "on July 11 in the early morning hours, Mia soared. Mia walked with us and walked with us for only 12 short years."

After her diagnosis a year ago, Mia Trease did everything in her power to embrace the challenges ahead. "When she received the devastating news that the chemotherapy did not work, she stood. She lived, on the day she left primary's she already texted Mr. Hild, 'I want to come back to school. I want a real schedule, I want real grades, I want to not be treated like a sick kid. She attended school the very next day."

And wanted to live like a typical pre–teen girl. She loved softball, pop stars and talking about boys. "She went on a Razr with a friend, they didn't realize until later that Ameris (Mia's mother) could hear everything they said.

Mia always puts others before herself, her including her siblings, Cooper, Welsey and Ali. "One day Ali was saying it was okay if Mia went to Heaven because she would get her hair back, her leg back and get to see her friends that had gone before her."

Mia touched hearts from Filer to Seattle, including Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, who recorded this video in October 2017. "I saw a picture of you that somebody sent me, i started smiling, so just continue to smile and continue to change lives," Wilson explained.

Now she's smiling from heaven and living through the spirit of those she touched.

Meyerhoeffer said, "she was the person you wanted to be like...she was the friend you wanted your kids to have."

Mia would have turned 13 in August and was about to enter the eighth grade.

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