Idaho settles with former Vandal student-athlete

MOSCOW, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The University of Idaho has settled a lawsuit with a former athlete and now the parties are working together.

The state of Idaho will pay Mairin Jameson, a former diver $160,000 and the lawsuit against the university will be dismissed.

The claims arose from the university's handling of a 2012 sexual assault complaint, brought to light in a blog post she wrote in 2018.

Now Jameson is planning to work alongside U of I's new athletic director, Terry Gawlik, to further improve the culture within the U of I athletic department as well as the college experience for all vandal student-athletes.

“I am committed to providing the leadership needed to continue to improve the culture inside Vandal Athletics, and to educate and train our coaches, staff and student-athletes so our athletes have the best possible college experience in their studies, in their competition and in their personal growth,” said Gawlik. “I welcome a partnership with Mairin in these efforts. She was a fine student and a conference champion athlete at the University of Idaho. Her willingness to work with our current student-athletes and work with the Athletic Department speaks volumes of her character and bravery.”

I am proud to see the positive changes that have taken place at Idaho since coming forward with my story,” Jameson said. “I am impressed with their hiring of Terry as the new athletic director. I know that she carries the same sentiments as I do to continue to make positive changes at the university. I am looking forward to working with her to further improve the University of Idaho and will continue to help raise national awareness to these campus issues."