Idaho team roping champions take on nationals with confidence

MURTAUGH, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) One just finished his freshman year at Kimberly High School, the other graduated from Filer. While they weren't the favorites headed into state rodeo, they certainly came out on top.

Jackson Cummins and Garet Jardine won the 2019 Idaho High School state championship in team roping.

In fact, Districts V and VI claimed three of the four spots to nationals with Jett Vanbiezen and Ryn Severe, as well as Kylee Evans and Ryan Bingham.

Cummins and Jardine also defeated a pair of favorites, Cooper Duffin and Chance Moldenhauer by 13 points, 53, to 40.50.

These championships can honestly go either way, considering one component of the 2018 national championship team, Breck Ward, didn't even qualify.

Jardine says they came in with a game plan and executed that to give them enough spacing throughout the rounds. Now they're both headed to nationals for the first time.

Cummins said, "go catch four, don't try to be too quick, don't try to be too slow, just do what we do."

Jardine explained, "I've been able to compete at state for the four years in high school and haven't been able to do any good." Jardine added, "this is my first time to the dance and I want to show them who I am, that competitive streak in me, I'm gunning for this title."

The National High School Finals Rodeo will be held July 14-20 in Rock Springs, Wyoming.

Following high school rodeo, Jardine is going to University of Montana Western on a football scholarship.

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