Khalid Thomas finds his second home in Lubbock

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Khalid Thomas was a staple in CSI basketball's national championship run last season, gaining attention from division one programs across the country.

KMVT’s Morgan Rumpf sat down with Thomas and CSI head coach Jared Phay to discuss where he's decided to take his talents.

"We're all proud of him, and excited, excited for the year that he's going to have here and I know that the nice thing with him making this commitment is that he is he's all in on CSI now so we're excited!" Phay said.

Khalid Thomas received All-American honors for his work on the basketball court, which had him on major division one programs radars.

"One of the things bout Texas Tech is they were one of the first schools to offer him a scholarship,” Phay said. “So they were kind of there from Day one, and I told him, they believe in you before everybody else did. They did a really good job, and I think it was a really good fit, and again I wanted to make sure it was his decision but I was excited too when I heard that."

Khalid’s final four came down to Baylor, Texas Tech, Oregon and Arizona. He relied on Phay as a mentor through the process.

"I know he's done this for a long time, so I trust his judgement,” Thomas said. “He's given me his two cents and his opinions on the schools. Like he said never telling me where he thinks I should go but letting me know what I need to know about every option."

After an official visit to Lubbock, Khalid knew he was home.

"They had a whole calendar, everything broken down for a year day-by-day, what they had planned for me, all the way to the draft if that's where I'm at,” Thomas said. “I thought that was really important and really cool because no other school did that. They would say hey this is what we're going to do but they never broke it down."

He’s ready for the Big 12 Conference.

"I'll be a little nervous every now and then because it will be my first time on a huge stage like that, but I'm going to be ready to go and I'm so excited to be out there," Thomas said.

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