Kidd announces his retirement, following four state titles, 201 wins

DECLO, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Declo's Kelly Kidd has won four state championships, amassing 201 wins, compared to just 45 losses over the course of his career.

At the last practice prior to the 2018 state championship, he told his team that it might be has last.

"Last season was special and we talked at our last practice that this could be the last one. So I talked to the team that I was contemplating this."

And then the squad won the state title the next day, moving their win streak to 25 straight. He dwelled over the decision to retire for months, finally making it clear just last week. He's also retiring as the athletic director and then from teaching next year.

Kidd loves to compete, so being a fan will be a difficult task for him.

"I felt a loyalty to the younger kids, but that becomes a problem because every year it's a new group of kids." Kidd added, "I feel bad for them, not that the other guy is going to be fantastic. They're comfortable with our system. Some planned on playing for Coach Kidd. I'll be in the stands coaching them on."

But now it's about cheering on the future of Hornet athletics and fostering new friendships.

In 33 years of coaching and teaching, he coached at least two sports and a lot of times, three. He just finished his 23rd year as the head coach.

Kidd explained, "I've grown up, I've grown old and that contention you have with coaches on game nights, I don't enjoy that anymore." He added, "I want to be friends and I'm very competitive so come game time, that's no friendship and I'm excited to meet people that I've competed against and not have that competitive spirit in me that wants to beat them."

Even in the years without a state trophy, he remembers them fondly.

"A lot of kids have impacted my life a lot. I have a lot of kids that are responsible for Coach Kidd being successful. Kids that didn't win state championships or we lost heartbreaking games or did a poor job coaching. You learn from those. All those kids that have played for me, have a special place, their names should be on those trophies because they thought me things. They made a better coach of me. These lighter years have reaped the harvest of years of experience and it's been special."

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