Kimberly athletes embrace new soccer program

Published: Sep. 3, 2018 at 1:41 PM MDT
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After more than a decade of fundraising, gaining support and getting organized, Kimberly High School finally has a soccer program.

Head coach Nathan Cook exclaimed, "I moved here and worked with the school district found out they did not have a soccer program and coming from the Seattle, I waited and waited and as soon as soccer came to Kimberly, I put my hat in the ring!"

Cook took the reigns of the inaugural middle school program last year.

He said, "we started out very strong and then we ended up in second place throughout the whole year and then the girls won the whole thing." "We couldn't ask for much more in the inaugural season."

But high school has been a bit more challenging...

"A lot of the players don't know each other's name, we have players who haven't played since Lions in fifth grade, Cook explained.

Forward Dylan Robinson added, "I think we need to trust each other and that includes me. We're still disconnected because we don't know each other that well." "We’re three weeks into the season and we still don’t know each other’s names yet so if we could start trusting each other more, we’ll be able to stream each other passes and make more plays."

Robinson has stayed active, by playing soccer for the Twin Falls Rapids.

As a leader on the team, he recognizes the challenges they face.

"It's all a learning experience, either you win or you learn and we're learning a lot!"

The Bulldogs are currently 0–4, including this 8–1 defeat to Gooding.

Justin Cook, a center back mid said, "I think of it as more of a practice, it helps us get better and we'll only get better from here on out."

"It's a challenge to play someone that is successful, but if we do lose, it's something to strive from," added sophomore Fletcher Hamblen. "It doesn’t matter how bad we do, we learn each game and we can improve each game."

For Hamblen, this opportunity gave him a dose of what it's like being a high school athlete.

"You watch a lot of the football players and I say hey, I can do that and we do have the chance as soccer players to represent our high school, even if we don't do great, we know that we are Kimberly!"

The Lady Bulldogs have found more success this season, compiling a 3–1 record. Both teams are back in action on Wednesday at Bliss.

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