Kimberly wrestler headed to Australia, holding a fundraiser that goes to new heights

TWIN FALLS, Idaho ( KMVT / KSVT ) Picture this, a human slingshot and wrestling fundraiser.

A local athlete is combining the two.

Broddey Cunningham, a 15 year-old wrestler at Kimberly is holding a fundraiser Saturday in the parking lot near Bowladrome at the corner of Eastland and Kimberly Road.

He is headed to Australia in July as part of Down Under Sports. Just recently he traveled to Denver for a tournament where he placed fifth out of 38 competitors.

Expect a barbecue, bounce house and a sling shot ride.

For all you adventure seekers, you will be strapped in and flung 250 feet in the air at 5G. The cost for the ride is $20.

Meanwhile, the barbecue just depends on the items you purchase.

The event runs all day Saturday from 11 am to 11 pm.

Watch the video for Broddie's interview.

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