Lacrosse teams hope to garner more participation

Published: Mar. 17, 2019 at 9:47 PM MDT
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The South Hills Lacrosse team hosted their first home match of the year at their new field.

South Hills represents high school girls mainly within Twin Falls county. They took on Helena, Montana and Idaho Falls at the BA Sports Field at Crossroads Point in Jerome.

Lacrosse isn't the most popular sport in Idaho and enthusiasts are hoping to change that. They say it's a great sport for building endurance and timeliness, plus teamwork. The Helena team really showed its dominance and it proved in the final scores.

Danielle Grant, president of the South Hills Lacrosse said, "we're from Helena and my daughter Megan played for Helena for three years." "It's really hard to play against them, but it's good because that team really needed that."

South Hills head coach Sam Anderson added, "these girls are actually a lot more dedicated. Years before we had four girls on average, this year we have nine or 10, it's really good, it helps us perfect our skill and grow to work as a team."

Idaho Falls head coach Calli Veenendaal said, "we started last year knowing that only 13 would play and you have 12 on the field." "But with recruiting we got up to 16 and this year we have 21."

Helena, Montana coach Anne Howes explained, "it's the first time we've come down to Idaho to play." "We usually head down to Jackson as part of our state season. This is something to play on grass since we have two feet of snow in Helena."

If you're interested in joining the South Hills team, the girls practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the BA Sports field. They condition at Canyon Ridge High School on Mondays.

The cost is $100 and you also need to pay a $35 registration fee with

. The girls are all beginners and there are opportunities to showcase your skills to gain college attention.

To reach Coach Anderson, please call (720) 589-2924.