LeBron James helps to make NBA game memorable for Twin Falls kids

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) You might remember last week when we told you how LeBron James gave his shoes to a pair of little kids at the game against the Utah Jazz. Those kids are actually from Twin Falls.

Meet Emma Carson and Tanner Parks. Carson's father took the kids to the game along with Tanner's dad.

The first NBA game for both of the children, turned out to be a memorable experience.

They're now owners of James' shoes worn that night against the jazz.
These size 16 kicks are signed, plus feature the names of his family members.

And while negativity surrounded the fact James took his shoes off during a game, Carson tells us what the superstar actually did.

"I went down, he compared my hand to his hand, squeezed it and then went back up. I went with him so he could say hi and get my headband signed," Carson explained. "But the guard said 'no' and LeBron saw that and so LeBron called us down and he took off his shoes, signed them and gave it to us."

Since the video aired nationally and went viral on YouTube, these kids are the hit of their schools.

"I was so surprised and I showed the whole class the whole video on YouTube for it and they started asking me questions when I got back to my desk," Parks added.

The kids say they are keeping the shoes and have no plans to sell them.

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